Open Finance Innovation Program

Banking Chapter

Join our three-month program and get ready to find, test, play, repeat!

This program enables participating FIs and Fintechs to access
Open Finance Platform, which offers a safe environment for testing
using our synthetic data simulator and running POCs without
integration to the institution’s core system.

Why join the Program?

Financial Institutions

  • Definition of needs
  • Matching of solutions
  • Up to 3 POCs
  • Discount on integration fees when you go live
  • Testing POCs with a core banking simulator
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Fintech Solutions

  • Registered Fintechs will be the first to know
    about FI needs
  • No entry fee
  • Exposure to multiple FIs and multiple needs
  • Testing POCs with a core banking simulator
Apply to solve a Need

Easy process, fast implementation

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